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Dean Smith Music - Dean Smith Music - BMI

Dean Smith: Marionettes (feat. Montana Young & Ron Stubblebine)

1.  Marionettes
2.  No More (selected)
3.  Gets Me Going
4.  Rag Doll
5.  Diamonds and Jeans
6.  I'm Feelin' Blue
7.  License
8.  She Said
9.  One More Time
10.  Understand
11.  Common Ground
12.  Fish Don't Bite
13.  Thorn

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No More
music: Dean Smith, lyrics: Dean Smith

I see your face in the window next door
And rooms behind where I don't live anymore
We need to go where there's a world before
No More

It doesn't matter to me where you've been
Your door is open just to let me in
Let others judge us on their way to sin
No More

It's an ancient right of passage
No return on collateral damage
Journals house our big mistakes
But wisdom's always on the last page
Greater minds cannot decide
The universe won't fit inside
A locket holds the things we keep
And try but never reach
No More

There's something hangin' in these city streets
The fog is building just below our knees
It's hard to walk when we can see our feet
No More

It's easy breathing through material eyes
The captain's mate has lost his favorite disguise
He keeps us down like we are barely alive
No More

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