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VA, USA 04/23/2012 08:30 PM

I'd like to use this space to thank everyone that has supported my endless music endeavors. This past year has been especially exciting as well as an education. This coming year looks to be even more rewarding as my music moves forward just a little every day and opportunities that seem to come from nowhere suddenly appear. I've got a REALLY GREAT SUPPORT TEAM just a phone call away from anywhere I am.... anything I need!!!! And I thank you all for that.

If I could ask for anything more it would be for the world to "hear" past the glitter and force fed commercialism and listen to the real musicians out there. The ones that practiced and spend hours honing their craft. Art is not a competition and allowing major corporations to decide who "you" should listen to is giving up one of the few basic freedoms we still have. Please support your local and independent musicians, radio, and television....that's where it all starts.

Dean Smith Music provides services such as: musical performances and lessons in guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, mountain dulcimer, bass, resonator, and songwriting. in the following (and surrounding) locations:
Bedford County, Floyd County, Franklin County, Henry County, Patrick County, Pittsylvania County, Roanoke, Algoma, Arrowhead, Barfoot, Boone's Mill, Boones Mill, Burnt Chimney, Callaway, Cape Carlyn, Coopers Cove, Crafts Point, Cross Roads, Crossroads, Dickinson, Dillon's Mill, Dillons Mill, Dugwell, Endicott, Ferrum, Fork Mt, Fork Mountain, Foxsport, Gladehill, Gogginsville, Hardy Ford, Hay Run, Helm, Henry, Henry Fork, Hickman, Hopkin's Mill, Hopkins Mill, Ingramville, Laprades Mill, Mill Creek, Naff, North Shore, Peckerwood Level, Pelican Point, Penhook, Piedmont Mill, Prilliman, Progress, Red Valley, Redwood, Reed Creek Village, Rock Run, Rocky Mount, Sago, Scruggs, Smart, Smith's Paradise, Smiths Paradise, Sydnorsville, Sidnorsville, Taylor, The Waterfront, Union Hall, Vashti, Waidsboro, Westlake Corner, White Pine, Wirtz,